My first 2 weeks in México.

3:56 PM Montse Bee 0 Comments

Okay, okay. I got here on August 18, then on August 19 started my internship at this awesome agency, and it was so cool. I got there early, waited for my boss, and tadaa! He told me some of my activities inside the agency, and its amazing. I love it. 

I am actually learning quite a lot. Meeting a lot of nice people here, including the people who work here and my roommates. 

The first week I learned a lot of things from Twitter and Facebook, since I am a Social Media Trainee. Learning about some tools and strategies, how to use them and when.

Basically my days here have been super smooth and chill.During my free time, which is only the weekends, I have been staying home with the roommates and watching movies. My room its pretty comfy too  and I enjoy it very very much. 

I am liking the experience here, of course. I went already to a red carpet premiere for The Mortal Instrument: City of bones, and I must say it was a cool experience. I saw a few celebrities from the Mexican television and Youtube vloggers.

I have to enjoy every minute here since its a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

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