DIY Halloween Costumes

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 Many of you love Halloween and love getting dressed up! But others don't like to buy the typical costume in a bag and prefer to create it, or maybe you need a last-minute costume and need to put some things & clothes together to make it happen.

Well I leave you some cool collages for DIY costumes with everyday clothes that you can use in the future! See, we are reusing and saving the Earth (thank you Halloween!).

So it's easy to be a cheerleader from the 60's! You just need these items if you have them in your closet already, if not you can purchase them and add them to it! You can mix up the colors or stick to one shade. Wanna get creepy? Throw some zombie/dead make up and voilà!

Polo shirt American Eagle / Sweatshirt Forever21 / Socks Urban Outfitters / Skirt Forever21 / White Shoes Keds / Big Bow Claire's /

Okay, almost everybody fell in love with the movie Marie Antoinette and her lifestyle, why not be her in a much modern way? You get to use cute flowers on your head! For the make up just do some romantic almost "all natural" look and you are set!
Dress H&M / Flower Crown Claire's / Shoes Forever 21 / Jewlery Claire's / Pastel Pink Hair Dye Claire's

Want to be creepy this Halloween? This will do! Show your dark side with this edgy outfit! You will look sexy without showing to much skin (that isn't bad anyways!) and just add some dark smokey eye or if you want to look  seriously creepy, add some creepy contacts and you are ready to go trick o' treating! 

Black Dress H&M / Stockings Urban Outfitters / Choker Forever21 / White headband Forever21 / Boots Forever21

One of the easiest & chicest costumes of them all! Throw some New York Style a la Carrie Bradshaw! If she's like a mentor to you or you just love Sex and The City, this is the outfit/costume for you!

Pink Tank top  H&M / White Tulle skirt Windsor/ Strappy Shoes Forever 21

I hope they come in handy this Halloween or in the future!

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