First Month *gasp*

2:52 PM Montse Bee 0 Comments

I suck at this, apparently. I haven´t been posting much since I am getting to know the city and of course: working + learning.

The people here @ the agency are simply amazing, They have been really really helpful, nice and fun, yes, very fun. 
I´ve been learning a lot about Social Media, every day that goes by I convince myself that this is what I like to do. Digital Marketing here we go!

I am learning a lot of SM strategies and tools. It takes time and practice, but that why I am here.

Recently, I was visited by my extraordinary family and spent the "Fiestas Patrias" in Michoacán, hell yeah!
Then the next week I visited Mexico City...I got tired really fast (my roommate´s fault)

Then I went to a Wig Party because of one of my roommate´s birthday...Adorable, i know.

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