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Its been long since my last post, but my excuse is that I been preparing for my trip to Mexico. I been thinking and thinking "What am I forgetting?" Well, I came up (sounds like I invented them) with making checklists of things I need to do before departing. Its a easy (and fun) way of organizing your tasks before moving out or going on a trip, since you can easily check what you've done and take a look of what you are missing. 
I find them very helpful, so here are my some tips to make them!

1. ALWAYS carry a little notebook and a pen to write them! (or on your phone, i find it more interesting by hand though).
2. Write whatever you remember you need down, then later organize your checklists, that way you don't forget what you thought you needed in that time.Par exemple, you are at the store, you see towels, and you remember you need to take some with you, write them down, and tadaa! 
3. Make the checklists with what you really need, you don't want extra baggage with you at the airport or just carrying around un-useful items with you.


Okay, this is one of the hardest, depending on how long you are going to be out of your cozy house, because you wouldn't like to leave anything out, but those extra pounds co$t a lot.
Think what you really need, check weather before traveling so you can take clothes and shoes that you can wear over there. It also will depend on how the company or agency wants you to wear (might be casual or business outfits) And of course! If you are going out on the weekends or at night, you need to take some glamour with you. I will dedicate a whole post to packing later on! (not that later on, no worries).


Yep, you will always find that you are missing something, either a charger,sweater,jeans,shoes,underwear,etc.etc So you better make a list of what you are missing! Never forget that it must be super important, if not, don't waste money that you might need abroad  on something unnecessary. Usually here you find personal hygiene stuff,electronic stuff or (always) clothes.


This should be the first one, but I got carried away with the "packing" thing. Here it goes, make a list of what you need to do before leaving! Its super important leaving everything in order so you can leave peacefully and with no worries. You should do this with 2 weeks of anticipation of your trip, since it might be paperwork or paying some bills, or other stuff that needs to be done or left ready before you depart. 
 This includes: 
  1.  Buy tickets,plane or train tickets. 
  2. Pay bills
  3. Find who's gonna take care of your pets
  4. Laundry! You don't want to take dirty clothes with you or forget them
  5. Buy anything you need to buy (necessary things of course)
  6. Manage your money
  7. Organize your visa if you need to! 
  8. Finish paperwork
  9. Let your bank know that you will be doing purchases in another city/country.
  10.  Try on clothes before packing (sounds terrible and fun,but necessary).
  11. You know where you are going to stay right?

Eww, we don't want to be all smelly abroad, do we? I guessed so! So make a list of what your body needs. Lotion,Perfume,Hand sanitizer,shampoo,conditioner,q-tips,etc. Its important to first know how many days,weeks or months you will be abroad, since if its a short term trip, take travel-size items for the whole trip, if not, if its longer, i recommend for the first days take travel-size things, then over there buy the stuff you need for sure! Just take the essential. (REMEMBER PACK THIS ON THE BIG LUGGAGE).

  1. Hand Sanitizer
  2. Wipes
  3. Contact Case & Solution
  4. Dental floss/toothbrush/paste
  5. Face cleaner & Cream
  6. Glasses
  7. Hairbrush
  8. Hairdryer / Hair Straightener 
  9. Razors
  10. Meds (important! I have asthma so its a must for me!)
  11. Make up  (foundation,mascara,blush,etc.) 
  12. Shampoos ,lotion,perfume,and glamorous stuff.

This is included on packing list, but you need to make a list for them too! You must need a scarf,sunglasses,beanies,etc. Remember they have to match your outfits, you don't want to travel with unnecessary stuff!


Important list here! You need to have important things with you on that carry-on, you never know if there would be a delay with your luggage or might need something from there during the flight. Remember not to carry big liquids or stuff, security are going to get them out and throw them away. I recommend to take the next things with you in there:
  1. One change of clothes,small snack (buy it at the airport though).
  2. Chargers (phone,camera,laptop)
  3. Laptop or tablet. 
  4. Make up
  5. Contact case & solution
  6. Clothes that might not fit in the big luggage.

Okay, if you are a creep like me, you would like to have everything well organized and separated, on my personal handbag I carry important things to me, and that you might find important to you too!
Here they are :
  1. Wallet,Money/Cards/
  2. Flight tickets
  3. iPhone
  4. iPod/headphones
  5. Water
  6. Keys
  7. Small notebook and a pen.
  8. Lip balm
 Well, this are some personal checklists that I need to organize or add more stuff to them, you might find them useful (hopefully) and you can let me know for more important things that I might be missing out. I have 15 days to organize and have everything ready. I leave on the 18th of august in the morning, but because of personal matter (a family party!!!)  I have to be ready 2 days before departing. Need to keep organizing my trip you guys! Thanks for reading!

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