Packing isn't that hard...

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Well, I am 'bout to leave the West Coast. I leave in 4 days and I have 3/4 of my luggage ready. You know, I thought packing all my clothes and accessories would be easier, but it wasn't. It hurt when I had to leave stuff behind that I was hoping to wear over there, but then I thought "Montse, you don't need all that with ya". So, a decision was made, my friend Michelle was invited to help me pack and re-evaluate my packing. Of that hot mess you saw up there, 50% of it will stay in Tijuana, while the other 50% will go with me to Mexico (I'm hurting). I recommend you to make a list of what you really want to take and that you know you will wear thru the days/weeks you will be abroad.

Packing was hard too, because putting everything you want or need to take in order inside a luggage is a hassle! You have to try to figure out what items go in the bottom of it, what on top..etc. I had to unpack everything 3 times to find better ways to make everything fit.

So here are my tips to pack for 4 months abroad and far away from home. 

  1. Take some jeans (5) with you, even if you are going to be in an office,agency or studio you have to be comfortable in some way don't forget to style'em up! Try to take neutral colors or dark ones, so people don't notice you wear them twice haha.
  2. Shirts (15)  are really important, shirts are the easiest clothing to style up and go-to pieces for any day.
  3. Dress Shirts (3) Take colors that you can mix with other items you are taking such as black,white or dark navy.
  4. Black Dress pants (2)
  5. Skirts (2) A dressy/fancy one and a regular go-to skirt for a weekend!
  6. Leggings (2) Black/Grey
  7. Pijamas :)
  8. Underwear (15) I don't like doing laundry too often
  9. Dresses (4) I might be exaggerating, but you never know.
  10. Jackets (3) Faux leather, one for the rain and one to look nice at work.
  11. Blazer (1) Black, easy to mix and match with other of the above items!
  12. Socks...(6 pairs)
  13. Shoes.. I don't even go there, I might be an over-packer I packed 6 pairs plus a pair of knee-high boots.
  14. Cardigans (2) Aye! It might get chilly or windy
  15. Scarfs..beanies...etc.
  16. Bags (2) Day / Night time
 The last time (and the best way for me) I packed, I did it like this:
  • Put shoes at the bottom
  • Socks inside the shoes
  • Jeans rolled up next (so they don't wrinkle and take more space)
  • Shirts rolled up
  • Dresses/Skirts rolled up
  • Towels
  • (Bag on the side) Boots and underwear

 It really will depend on how you dress or where you going. This is my experience abroad for the longest time, and I'll check if my tips for packing work! Usually they do, I am a minimalist to pack, but 4 months out of my house? Its hard, I need to get key pieces of clothing, learn to mix and match to have a lot of outfits without paying extra luggage.I am missing some items to pack...such as accessories and jewelery, plus I have to organize my carry on and my purse, so my packing is almost ready. I still need to leave some things ready before I leave. If you have any idea or a cool tip to pack for a super long trip, let me know! It might work for me and others too!

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