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Well, I took a "mini vacation" to Mexico City this weekend to arrange everything for my next arrival. I got around the city with help of my friend Ana (and husband,and her awesome dog) who's been living here her entire life. I took a look of my new apartment, and I must say its pretty cute, and let me add super near to the agency where I'll be doing my internship, and finishing my last semester.

Based on this first experience, when looking to move out and looking for a room or apartment  for an internship, student exchange or for work,  I'll give you some tips that might work out for you. 

1.  Look for places near, or easy to access with public transportation. 
2.  Look for roommates, living alone might be more pricy or not very secure if you don't know the town
3.  Look for a secure zone of course!
4.  And make sure the place you want is near places you usually need such as banks,malls,food marts,laundries,etc.
5.  Try not to live with more than 3 people, if you don't know them it might be hard to live with strangers. (You know, what if they don't shower!?!)
6.  If you are a girl, to be on the safe side, look for female roomies.
7.  If you are moving to another city, look for apartments or rooms online, then take a quick trip to be sure its safe and what you are looking for.( there is a list of safe sites at the bottom).
8.  Or! If you are kinda low income like me,  and you have a friend who lives there, ask them in favor to go and check it out and give you a review, if yes, Go Ahead! Rent it!!

So, this tips  work out for me, and they might too for ya! Use it as a guide for your journey, and let me know how it went!

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