2 Days of Speakers

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So this past 2 days I went to #CongresoMarketero, a community of people interested in communication, advertising,marketing and social media, which at night on Twitter they start interactions between them about a certain subject, but only at night....

I was invited to this one with 2 awesome people, and I got all excited and cute and stuff.
Here is my review and what I learned during this cool 2 days.The first day was, rough. In the past i have been part of a committee where we were the ones organizing an event like this one, so i noticed some details...weird ones: they let people in, when they were preparing the stage, with curtains open...so we could see everything and hear the screams between workers asking for things and such. It didn´t start on time, because of some technical difficulties...
Anyways, the speakers were talking about really interesting subjects..
  • Mobile apps 
  • Online strategies for small business 
  • Content marketing
  • ...A cartoonist, which in my opinion talked more about himself and his achievements in life, than a strategies or tips... just saying I am a trainee, don´t listen to me... (kidding i didn't like him)
If you are a speaker, and start bragging about yourself (which its awful), people would lose respect for ya, sorry, but its true. If you really have done something good,interesting and worth sharing, you don´t need to brag, others will know what you have done, and look up to you, but please do not make them look up to you.
I laugh at people like that. YOU NEED TO BE HUMBLE. Okay.

Then the second day came, which for me, it was the best. Not just because my boss was there, pff.. no of course not (maybe).
I didn't have the opportunity before to see my boss as a speaker, and definitely, swept me off my feet. I reinforced some of my knowledge and i learned new things.

I heard things about:
  • BTL
  • Brands
  • Trendhunting 
  • Branding

    So i will be doing extended blog posts on this subjects, and awesome things related to them.
    In conclusion, it was pretty cool, I met new people over there. Its one of the cool things of events like this one, you get to meet people and connect with people sharing the same interests as you.
If I have another opportunity to attend one of this, count me in.


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  1. I would like to hear more about your flirting during the congress. Thank u.

    1. Hey! I would love to talk about that, but it didn´t happen. Just PR ;) greetings!!!!