The pleasure in nice lil' things

11:08 AM Montse Bee 0 Comments

I always believed when people said "what goes around comes around" but never considered it like a "rule to live by". People usually do their regular duties without noticing the reactions they are causing in their lifes and others. 

 You know, if you do something bad or good you don't immediately relate it with what will happen next. But if you acknowledge the little things you do every single day, you will notice the effect they have on your life. 

Of course if you do something good and you are thinking something like "YES YES I AM GETTING THIS AWESOME NEW WHATEVER THING I AM WISHING FOR" just for doing that lil' thing, prabably it won't happen. 

Just the other day while moving around on public transport, a girl asked me if I had change of a large bill, because the driver didn't, and I didn't either. But I offered to pay the fee, she said thanks and I continued with my day. 

Then, 2 days after, I needed to get real fast to my house so I could be in time for my work out, and just when I was crossing the street the lil' bus that takes me home was stopping behind me. I jumped in it and got there in time.

The whole ride I was thinking like "Woah this must be luck", nah darling, it was a reaction to something nice I did. 

You see, not every "reward" you have to get for being cool has to be something really big, just notice the good things you do and compare them to the cool things that happen to you afterwards.

Pay attention to your nice acts and see what happens next, you will acknowledge the power of doing nice things for others.

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