20 things I've learned by 25

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I haven't lived a super long life, but at 25, I am pretty sure I have lived a lot. So, I decided to write some advice I wish I have had when I was younger to be prepared.

1. People come and go. Friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, cousins, bosses, etc. It's okay. Someday you will understand why they left and why they stayed.
2. Crying doesn't make you weak. It's an emotion, it makes you human.
3. Boys are confusing. Don't let that get to you. 
4. Forgive. It's very important that you don't hold a grudge, live free of hate and remorse.
5. People when they get angry say ugly stuff, they mean it. Learn from it. Don't let it get you down.
6. Always be your crazy self. Don't try changing for people to accept you. If they don't, well their loss. You are way to cool for them anyways.
7. Friends are not always there. Either they are busy or they are having a bad day too, it's okay, that doesn't mean they aren't true friends.
8. Dating is really cool. It doesn't matter if it's with a special someone or more, it's cool, refreshing and exciting!
9. Don't waste your time looking for love. Love will come uninvited.
10. Speak out! Tell every single person how you feel, you will never regret it. It's better to live knowing that you said everything instead of living with doubt.
11. SLEEP.
12. Talk to people, leave the phone a side. If the person you are talking to it's really interesting there's no need to be on Facebook.
13. Spend time with your family. You never know when you have to leave them, because when you are away you are gonna miss the hell out of them.
14. Look up to someone (or some). You will learn a lot.
15. Always, always try new food, activies, books, etc.
16. Take yourself on a date. It's good to be quiet for a while.
17. Travel alone. You will lose fear and it will teach you A LOT.
18. Surrond yourself with (or follow) inspiring people.
19. Dedicate a day for only you. Shower. Do your hair. Do your make up. Do your nails.
20. Enjoy a concert. Don't watch it through your phone's camera.

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