Let us fall...

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One of my favorite seasons has arrived! Yes, I love fall and everything that comes with it (pumpkins, chilly weather, the craving for hot drinks, the countdown for Halloween and Christmas, etc.)

The idea of Fall it's beautiful and nostalgic at the same time, you know the warm weather is leaving and soon everything that was green turns orangey. But you know, it's the beginning of the coolest (literally) holidays! And that excites me a-l-o-t.

Since I love celebrating the arrival of this breathtaking season... I didn't find a better way than listing my favorite things to do in it.

1. One of my favorite things to read during fall is blogs, yes, cliché.
2. My comfort thought at the moment is: We should never be afraid of the future.
3. My autumn-related comfort food would totally be Pan Dulce.
4. My main drink for Fall is hot chocolate, yesterday, today, tomorrow.
5. Dearest scent that triggers my feelings for this season: Pumpkin and cinammon.
6. A kind or sweet sentiment I've done or that someone has done for me... I am working on a project to improve this awesome Equestrian School I attend, with an amazing family I met.
7. Something or someone that encourages strengthens me during this Fall: My dreams. Summer just ended and it gave me a lot of ideas to work on and I am planning on how to make them work.
8.  My daydream for fall is to go Apple picking and baking pumpkin pie.
9.  My favorite song for autumn at the moment is: Enchanted by Taylor Swift.
10. My favorite fall activity at the moment is drinking hot chocolate and planning my blog posts. (Fun eh?)

That's how I fall in love with autumn... what about you?

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