Intern´s Point of View

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As a brand,agency,enterprise, big company or as public figure, you have to be aware of whats going on your social sites (if you have them, if not what are you waiting for???) and not only on your social sites, but with your competition and what´s new in this awesome digital world. 

You gotta learn that you need a professional to do this, you can´t just hire an average Joe to do it, you will need strategies, vision towards the future,plans,tools and loads and loads of creativity. 

In this case, i´ll be enlightening with what i have learned during my internship about Facebook, magical social media site and app on mobile, allows you to do amazing things to target your audience, hopefully soon to be consumers. 

What works with me, and i think with other people as an audience its "feelings". So, get your brain to work and be creative, find a way to get to people´s heart and wallet. Sounds cold, but its true, its the new way to get in them. You can use happy, funny, cute or whatever, depending on a previous analysis of your audience.
Per example, I if see an ad, post, tweets or whatever and its an animal (specially dogs ;)) its 95% i´d like them, share comment and TADAA! ENGAGE.

Find what your audience wants and like, not only what you like. ENGAGE.

Its important to make your employees and fellow coworkers to feel part of the brand, or the enterprise, they surely take a big part f the value of it, and in the future could help with a little bit of sharing ;).

The profit of you using Social Media will depend on how you use it and what are you doing with it. Hire a real professional, you need content managers, community managers and a designer, don´t go around copying $hit that aint yours, create your own art, and please PLEASE, i beg of you, don´t use memes, that´s really really tacky.

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