25th birthday in Cabo!

3:14 PM Montse Bee 0 Comments

I'm back! And renewed. I am not a Social Media Trainee anymore, I became a Content Creator a month after I started my training.

Anyhow! I just turned 25 years young on June 27th and what better way of celebrating, than going to Cabo San Lucas by myself!

At first I was scared of going on a lil' holiday alone but then I thought "Dude you moved to Mexico City by your own so???" So, yeah I decided to go on a cool summery trip and well. Everything was great! 

I spent 5 days over there where I met some awesome and inspiring people! On the first night I met some cool people at the hostal and we hit the clubs!

Took breakfast alone in front of this awesome beach: Medano and well the day came with a lot of surprises! ;)

The big day came! I hit the beach for a must needed tan then went to the famous Arch, where I met a bunch of cool people which I hung out with the whole tour.

I learned to spent time with me. Alone. No talking while eating.No talking while walking. No talking while drinking. 

The friends I made down there inspired me to move on, to look for more adventures by myself. To not be stopped. 

It was a pretty damn good trip. And, well, it is the first one of many many more to come (or go??)

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