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Well, I am going to share with you my favourite thing to eat here during my internship. So you might know, my roommate is from Peru, and she likes to prepare food, and not only delicious food, but easy to make! So let´s get crazy here, she calls them "tostadas" means toast. 

So we need:

  • Toast
  • Avocado
  • Panela cheese
  • Olives (delicious olives)

You don´t need to cook it, so its way easier. 

  1. Grab  your toast and spread the soft avocado on it
  2. Cut the cheese in slices and put them on top of the toast.
  3. Cut your olives in small slices and put them on top, add a lil´ bit of salt, and voìla! 
Its the yummiest thing ever, so easy to make and it tastes great!
I could eat this 24/7. 

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