My work place!

4:15 PM Montse Bee 0 Comments

It´s been so long since i wrote here! Almost 2 weeks, and i feel naked. My excuse is that I´ve been really busy and working. BUT ENOUGH. Time to show off my little space as a trainee at this awesome cool agency. (get jealous).

Well as you know i am at an advertising and digital marketing agency doing my internship, were THANK GOD, i am learning quite a lot.

I have my own space to work, with 2 screens, and a cute space to put all my stuff.
You can usually find:
  • Starbucks
  • Water
  • iPhone
  • 10+ post its
  • Bag 
  • I <3 your style book
I am super thankful for this, I never imagined i was going to have my own space to develop my brains. I am loving this place every single day.


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