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I'm Montse, a storyteller, dream-chaser and a beach lover seeking adventures to open my mind.

Beachy Bones it's a piece of my heart, a tribute to everything I love and enjoy. It embraces adventure, crazyness, life, love and everything sweet. It's about inspiring my friends and everyone to get up, get lost and taste life.

Born and raised between the border of Tijuana & San Diego, now living in Mexico City, in love with life and passionate about the ocean; silly romantic, daughter, sister, aunt, rider & best friend.

Online almost 24/7 if not working, blogging and liking dogs & horses pictures. Social Media Creep by heart, working in a digital agency as a creative content creator.

My ultimate favorite colors are pink and navy blue. I enjoy nautical stripes (waaay to much). I delight in reading blogs and doodling around. I dream of my own horse farm and setting foot on my favorite cities. My drink of choice is a good cold ol' Dr. pepper and my favorite place in the world is Disneyland.

I believe in the pursuit of adventures, self-love and experience.