101 in 1001

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I saw the "101 Things in 1001 Days" challenge on Isabella Darden's blog. After reading through it I felt inspired to achieve the things I always wanted to do, but somehow they end up forgotten. So I decided I should start this challenge, adding new stuff to the list and trying new ones too!

Life is about being confident and making some cool changes for good!
Start date: September 30th 2015
Finish date: June 24th 2018

1.    Publish 2 new blog posts a week.
2.    Go a week without eating fried food
3.    Travel to three new countries (0/3)
4.    Visit three new states
5.    Travel to a new continent
6.    Try 30 new restaurants (0/30)
7.    Learn how to surf
8.    Take a vacation with my friends 
9.    Learn 6 new recipes (0/6)
10.  Go to the beach at least one day a week
11.  Get an agenda and schedule everything!
12.  Go a month without drinking soda. 
13.  Buy a better phone
14.  Start my own business
15.  Go to at least three concerts (0/3)
16.  Save $10,000
17.  Do a bonfire!
18.  Learn to dive.
19.  Decorate a home office
20.  Buy a better camera
21.  Create my own cool #hashtag
22.  Go to Cabo one more time.
23.  Drink 2 lt. Of water a day
24.  Go skiing
25.  Take a train somewhere 
26.  Read 20 new books (0/20)
27.  Go an entire day without technology.
28.  Work out at least 4 days a week.
29.  Clean out my closet and sell/donate everything I don't wear anymore
30.  Go to sleep before midnight every night for a week
31.  Watch 20 new movies (0/20 so far)
32.  Give up eating out for a whole week
33.  Have a picnic in the park
34.  Learn how to make a Mexican recipe.
35.  Send my mother flowers for no reason
36.  Start training tennis
37.  Go a month without eating fast food
38.  Go to Las Vegas for the first time.
39.  Volunteer for a cause I'm passionate about
40.  Shoot a gun
41.  Learn about wine
42.  Complete 5 random acts of kindness
43.  Go to a drive in movie theater
44.  Go ice skating again
45.  Go on a hike
46.  Go a month without drinking alcohol
47.  Have breakfast in bed
48.  Go a week without wearing makeup
49.  Make homemade pasta
50.  Get a facial
51.  Buy a plane ticket to a random destination
52.  Collaborate on a blog post with another style blogger
53.  Go skydiving
54.  Get at least 9 hours of sleep each night for a week
55.  Go to a Taylor Swift concert!
56.  Go paddle boarding
57.  Learn French
58.  Go one month without shopping
59.  Start collecting something
60.  Start doing yoga
61.  Host a brunch
62.  Assist a Yellow Conference
63.  Assit to @Social_Studio
64.  Work for @BeSocial
65.  Take my entire family on a trip
66.  Learn how to bake cherry pie
67.  Get an awesome family photoshoot
68.  Visit Nantucket!
69.  Host a party like Marie Antoinette’s 18th birthday
70.  Kiss under the mistletoe
71.  Write a letter to my self
72.  Do a list of pizza places I need to visit
73.  Learn how to jump on a horse
74.  Have a spa day
75.  Take my niece to Disneyland by myself.
76.  Go to the Harry Potter Wizarding World Park
77.  Visit Disney World
78.  Redecorate my room back home
79.  Buy my own URL.
80.  Spend a Christmas in a snowy place
81.  Get my riding boots
82.  Spend a day at the Zoo
83.  Get a hot bod ;)
84.  Throw a holiday party
85.  Attend the Kentucky Derby
86.  Get a photoshoot with my sister
87.  Host a Thanksgiving Dinner
88.  Attend a Horse Race
89.  Visit Ralph Lauren’s Coffee shop in NYC
90.  Find my mentor
91.  Make my own business cards
92.  Make a list of Classic movies I need to watch
93.  Make a photo album
94.  Redecorate my mom’s house
95.  Post a video of every city I visit
96.  Get my degree
97.  Give a gift to someone just because!
98.  Visit a Vineyard
99.  Host a game night
100. Bake muffins for a friend just because
101. Save $5 for each thing done